Week 12: Final Presentation & DVD Hand In

DVD Specs to Include the following:

1. Design Brief: one paragraph describing what the original film title was like & why you chose to remake it. Also why your version is an improvement.

2. Storyboards: must be able to read easily. Enlarge if need be and increase contrast levels to black and white.

3. Rough cut: assemblage of your working film opening

4. Final cut: make sure you include “natural sound” in your piece.

5. Credits at end of film titles: List names of people by separate areas- Videography, Editing, Titling, Sound, Animation, Lighting, etc. List alphabetically if task is shared equally, OR list in the order of who did the most to the least. Also include course ID- FA/YSDN 3009 & Professor Catherine Jo Ishino.

6. Label DVD with magic marker on the disc itself with title, your names, copyright & year. Put DVD in protective case. Insert in envelop for submission with your name on the outside and FA/YSDN 3009 & Professor Catherine Jo Ishino.

NOTE: DVD must play back on ANY computer- .mov, .avi, .mp4 – i.e. use ‘universal’ formats AND test it BEFORE you hand in.

Week 7: October 20 – Project 1 due

A gentle reminder: class presentations of Project 1 are due at beginning of class!

1. Do not forget to add proper credits to contributors – videographer, editor, music, titling. Also copyright with your full name, YSDN 3009, Fall 2014, Professor Catherine Ishino.

2. Burn your final 3 minute visual narrative on ‘Style’ to a DVD to hand in for grading. ALL DVDs must have written on the disc- your first & last names, Project 1, YSDN 3009, Fall 2014- and enclosed with a proper encasing or cover!

READ THIS- Week 7: Project 1 Presentation & Hand In

The link below shows how to output your Project 1:



1. Output to DVD to hand in & for me to grade. Put inside a protective cover & label with your full name (1st & last), YSDN 3009, Project 1, @ Fall 2014

2. Upload to your WordPress site

In the meanwhile, have a great Thanksgiving!

Week 5: Titling

Please review and familiarize yourself with copy & links below BEFORE CLASS i.e. Oct 6:

Typefaces (fonts): type size, leading, kerning, colors, and layout/grids. Legibility issues.

1. The typeface (or font) should be chosen appropriate to the Typefaces (fonts): type size, leading, kerning, colors, and layout/grids. Legibility issues.

1. The typeface (or font) should be chosen appropriate to the ‘mood’, feeling, or character of the film.

A. Design with an underlying grid as in a booklet, with multiple pages

B. Leading and kerning should be twice as much as in print

2. Colors- white, yellow, pale (not saturated) shades work best

A. The colors used should reflect the feeling of the film

B. When using red, trap letters in white outlines

3. If you can read the text out loud, then viewer can read it

Ellen Lupton: Type on Screen



More on Process Journal Entries (22/09/14)

CLARIFICATION: the online Journal entries in this class act as ‘process work or books,’ i.e. a documentation of the visible/audible steps you took to come up with your final result in the weeks & exercises 1-5.

In the case of Project 1:

A. Show examples of exercises  1-5 with ONE example of your ‘inspiration’ video of the week- screen dynamics, sound, lighting, editing, & titling.

B. Upload clips of each weekly exercise that demonstrate your understanding & ability to comprehend the importance & impact of each added motion design ‘tool’ that you are adding to your ‘toolbox’ on a weekly basis.

NOTE: Inner & Outer Orientation of 2 & 3 are CRITICAL to demonstrate!